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An Overview of 11 da Vinci Code debunking books

From FaithfulReader.com, a non-denominational site who's stated purpose is "provide Internet-based content ... to raise their awareness of Christian books and authors ...", comes an overview of 11 books whose purpose is to shed light on the errors of tDC. The author, Marcia Ford (herself an author of 14 books) summarizes her overview with this:

"There you have it --- Da Vinci debunkers in a nutshell. I'd go with Burstein first; Abanes for a quick and thorough read; and either Witherington or Olson/Miesel for a more theologically rich read. But really, other than the Lunn book, I don't think you'll be terribly disappointed in any of the books above. And no matter what your opinion of THE DA VINCI CODE, you'll get a fairly decent education in verifiable church history by reading even one or two Da Vinci debunkers, something Dan Brown sorely needs."

The is a good, albiet brief overview, though it is missing some of the more recent entries. Among the best not in this overview is the Da Vinci Deception, written by Mark Shea and Dr. Ted Sri and published by Ascension Press. This short book is realtively brief and in a convenient Q&A format that is pretty handy for a quick overview. I'll post more on this book soon.

At any rate, looks like Marcia's overview may well be worth the time to read.