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So here are some of the basics that often ask when it comes to the The Da Vinci Code. In particular, why should I care about this movie and book since

  1. Dan Brown says that this is fiction. This is most definitely fiction, but eeryone from Dan Brown to Sony are deliberately winking and blurring the lines between fiction and truth. It's really deceptive, but the history of the books shows that this sort of deception makes great marketing fodder, and may result in big checks from your published tome of bologna.
  2. I know what I believe - this isn't going to change my mind. That's great! Unfortunately, many people whose faiths are not as strong may well be influenced by tDC.
  3. This is just good entertainment. Well that's a debate for another day! But independent of whether this is truly "good entertainment" or not, much recent history has shown us that even fiction influences how we think and what we believe. It may not be at a concious level, but certainly at the sub-concious mental and spiritual levels tDC is simply a corrosive acid, showly eating away at our foundations.
  4. I am Protestant & this seems to be about the Catholic Church. Well before it gets to the Catholic Church of the renaissance and beyond, tDC lies about Jesus Christ and the early church. And that is a heritage shared by all Christians. and is central to our faith. If we deny the reality of Jesus as proclaimed in the Gospels, we don't really believe in anything.
  5. The Gospel of Judas shows that we don't really know who Jesus was. This is just plain silly. The Gospel of Judas is nothing more than another product of the early gnostic sects, and has no basis in historical reality. Check this out for more info.

For more detail on these and many, many more questions check out one of the links in the debunking sections.

More later!


Hey all,
One of the things I like most about our Catholic Church beyond it's willingness to defend the truth and show us how to live a Sacramental life is the concern for the individual person. Keep these comments in context of the fact that we belong to a church with one billion believers and one of our spiritual leaders (Monsignor Francis Maniscalco) was interviewed by the Associated Press concerning the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops website combating the DaVinci Code. He made the following statement.

But Monsignor Francis Maniscalco of the Diocese of Rockville Centre in New York denied that the website was a knee-jerk defensive reaction.

"Reporters have asked whether even a bestselling novel can seriously damage a Church of one billion believers. No, in the long run, it cannot. But that is not the point. The pastoral concern of the Church is for each and every person.

"If only one person were to come away with a distorted impression of Jesus Christ or his Church, our concern is for that person as if he or she were the whole world," he wrote.

Our battles over the next five years combating the effects of this book and movie will be large. But let us not forget that the battle is for individual souls.

See below for usccb website:

See below for the yahoo story:

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