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Campus Crusade ... Say It Ain't So

In a recent post we gave an overview of the unnatural liason between Sony and Grace Hill Media. Sadly enough that liason is starting to bear fruit.

As an example let's consider Campus Crusade for Christ, a well-known college outreach ministry, and one of their most visible spokesman, Josh McDowell. While each have done much good over the years, this is not shaping up to be one of their finer moments. And I don't think that they're anywhere near alone on this one. Grace Hill and Sony are doing a magnificent job so far of dividing the Christian community and thereby defusing the response to tDC.

In a recent, widely=reported interview Josh McDowell made some very troubling statements about tDC and Campus Crusade's approach to the upcoming release of the film. By all accounts the interview was accurate - there are no indications that either McDowell or Campus Crusade suggests that it is inaccurate or misrepresents their position in any way. The interview itself can be found at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/02/10/AR2006021001867.html .

As a start, here is the current "davinci code" homepage http://www.godsquad.com/davinci/ that Campus Crusade provides in support of the campus ministry.

When you go to the "response to the movie" link, notice how inconsistent it is with this interview - particularly the statement with regards to encouraging people to see the movie. Also notice that in the resources section their is a link to the sony-created/paid-for site that I was mentioning before (see http://www.davincifacts.com/2006/03/thedavincichall.html for more info). Spend 30 seconds on the site and see what you think - it just made me puke.

I do agree with the philosophy of using any opportunity that's presented to witness to the truth of the gospel - that is one of the ways that God can use us to make Romans 8:28 true! (all things work to good ...). But there's a big difference between helping make good things occur after evil happens, and helping make that evil happen in the first place! And with the way the movie industry works, if we do a good enough job of encouraging this evil we'll bring more on ourselves later.

Let's assume that Campus Crusades' anti-tDC material (appears to be mostly written by Josh McDowell) is fine. That's great, but there are a number of folks that have also produced materials without cooperating with the perpetrators of this travesty.

This really stinks. Campus Crusade and Josh McDowell have, with many others, become accomplices in increasing the profitability of the producers of this spiritual and intellectual pornography.

Say it ain't so, Josh.


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