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Sony & Grace Hill Media - Sellin' Out

Just what are the Grace Hill folks thinking about?

Sony is perhaps understandable, being a secular for-profit company with no particular allegiance to anything other than profit, but Grace Hill? Grace Hill, the PR firm that's carved out a niche for itself as some sort of intermediary between Hollywood and Christian America?

As an ostensibly Christian firm Grace Hill should know better.

Honestly, taking a contract to promote a film that has, as it's base premise, that Jesus Christ was not who he said he was - that he was not the second person of the Trinity, but rather a mortal prophet - is nuts.

Why would Grace Hill want to profit by attacking Jesus? Does anyone think that's ok?

The results of this unnatural alliance are already appearing ... check out this fawning piece in the NY Times.

For a quick intro to the next big push from this dynamic duo see Amy Wellborn's excellent post.

More later...


The whole premise of Da Vinci code is a crock - there was no Jesus, the whole story was fabricated out of thin air by the Emperor Constantine and his mother (St.) Helena in an effort to give some continuity to the symbols of the Roman Empire which waxed and waned with each new Caesar, an effort that only worked for another 200 years or so as we all know...

If you say so, T.S. If what you're contending in your comments is that there is no actual Jesus, then you'll have to ignore more evidence than exists for any other accepted aspect of the ancient world.

In fact, how do explain the thousands and tens of thousands of Christians who died rather than deny Jesus Christ in the hundreds of years before Constatine?

How do you explain hundreds and in some cases thousands of separate copies of writings from the Early Church Fathers that agree discuss in fine detail aspects of Christianity, the reliable nature of the Gospels that we accept, the unreliable nature of the various gnostic gospels etc, details about liturgical worship in the first two hundred years of Christianity (a full 100 years before Constatine), etc etc etc?

Believing that no Jesus existed (and by definition that he did not found a Church) would require denying overwhelming historical evidence from Jewish, Roman, Greek, and Christian historians.

That's not faith, it's just plain ol' denial!

T.S., honestly ask God to show you the truth, persevere, and you will eventually meet this very real Jesus Christ. He seeks you!

Oh, did I forget to mention there is no god either? By believing in the narrow concept of god,we "deny" ourselves awareness of what the world actually is. What a shame to live in blindness, far in the future our myths will rank along with the stories of
Thor and Zeus as having fulfilled a need of our primitive society. Religion serves an important role and of over 300 religions that sprung out of the middle east , we have managed to whittle it down to 3 that serve the best. Yes, we are currently in the monoethic period of religious belief, although Catholicism still aludes to polytheism with it's construct of the holy trinity, and the next logical step is nontheism, when man will be free to see himself for what he is, a mammal whose specialization is intelligence.

You can say that you're a toaster oven, but that doesn't make it true!

Hey I'm off to Mass & will pray for you there, that you may encounter the very real second person of the trinity, and that you may have a Pauline Damascus Road experience!

God bless.

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