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Fr. Benedict & Thomas D'Andrea on tDC

Prime_04_sunday1 Well Fr. Benedict Groeschel, of the Fransiscan Friars of the Renewal and host of Sunday Night Live on EWTN, hosted a one hour show this past Sunday entitled "The Da Vinci Hoax", with featured guests Dr. Thomas D'Andrea and Brian Finnerty of Opus Dei.

That Fr. Benedict is around to speak about the release of tDC movie is an awe-inspiring story in itself, that he is well worth listening to on matters of the faith is beyond doubt. Do yourself a favor & hear what he has to say!

To get the episode you have several choices - it will re-air this Saturday 4/8 at 5 pm EDT (in the US). You can receive it via cable, satellite, or streaming on the net. For details go here, then the multimedia pull-down menu, and follow the right link for "Live TV".

You can also listen to it on EWTN radio (locally, on Sirius satellite radio, or on the streaming on the net). Go here for more details.

Or you can purchase it on dvd, vhs, or cd here (make sure to pick the April 2,2006 episode).

Or best of all, you can get it on one of the EWTN podcasts. If the mp3 link no longer works it is also mirrored here.

Many choices, but well worth a listen.


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