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A Sony / Grace Hill Update

Just about the most deceptive role in the whole sorry story of promoting the DVC movie has been played by an ostensibly Christian PR firm, Grace Hill Media, as discussed here earlier.

And in their paid gig to deliver Christian audiences into the jaws of Sony, Grace Hill came up with the idea of creating a pseudo-critical website entitled "thedavincichallenge.com". Btw, that same site also goes under the title of "thedavincidialogue.com". That site for "conducting a dialog" about the DVC is bought and paid for by Sony.

The site does contain articles that vary in degrees from criticism (at best), to frustrating rationalization. Many of the articles are from recognizable Christians known for otherwise good work. That's generally OK as far as it goes I suppose - especially in this day in which the prevalent cultural norms are to avoid taking stands about simple matters of truth.

The site also contains a news feature "sponsored by HollywoodJesus" (which does give some sort of religiosity endorsement, don't you think?) with such tantalizing headlines as

05/15/2006 - Detractors Question, But Embrace, The Da Vinci Code (Houston Chronicle) and

05/15/2006 - The Magic Behind The Da Vinci Code's Success (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Yup, that's sure some hard-hitting criticism alright!

But perhaps the most deceptive part is that the site also contains a good selection of old-fashioned movie promotional material, such as a "know the characters of the dvc" and an interactive "davinci code history timeline". Notice that it is not labeled a "davinci code fiction timeline", which would at least be slightly honest.

And that is precisely the problem.

This site is consistent with the DVC as a whole - a sorry mix of partial-truths, lies, and fantasy flavored with just a pinch of truth - blended together and sold as fiction which is wink-wink based on truth. This is the most pernicious form of lie, and probably the most effective.

Don'../../2006/05/people_are_beli.html">Paul Bentley of the Telegraph UK.

Mis-information, lies, and deception can obviously lead people to believe stuff that's just plain old wrong. But they can also be just about as effective by simply planting seeds of doubt. Both outcomes have, do, and will effectively destroy the faiths of millions of people.

That is why learning, understanding, and clearly articulating the truth actually matters.


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