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Looking for Albino Monks ...

Well the AP had to look far and wide, but they did find one of the 2% of Opus Dei members who is - GASP! - an actual priest. By all accounts Fr. Wauck is a very good priest (he at least writes well!), though to the regret of many folks he is neither albino (though he is rather light skinned and sinister-looking) nor a monk (which of course would be very hard since Opus Dei has never had monks!).

Fr. Wauck has published a very good blog on things DVC and Opus Dei for some time now, and today he posted a brief AP story from a recent panel discussion. My favorite part:

Rev. John Wauck, a professor of literature at Opus Dei’s Holy Cross University in Rome, urged Catholic leaders to take the opportunity of the success of Dan Brown’s best-selling novel to educate the faithful about Christianity.

“We have to grab the opportunity to educate people to the truth, as the truth of the Christian faith is more interesting, richer, more mysterious and beautiful than Dan Brown’s fiction,” said Wauck ...

That's an honest assessment - we as Christians need to do the best with the circumstance that we're now facing.


I hear Opus Dei doesn't actually have FTL-capable starships either. Curse you Dan Simmons, and your filthy literary lies!

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