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I dont believe in the Da Vinci COde, but yes there is lot that the media is flashing, that is why i want everyone to have answers to the questions that the media is raising, in other words, defend the Lord rationally...Kill this hoax

Understand…The Da Vinci Code, Gospel of Judas & Jesus.

Ever wondered what is the essence of any religion; is it the festivals? Is it the place where the people worship? Or the various customs or rituals linked with the religion. Think!!!
The obvious answer would be the founder and the teachings involved, isn’t it? Simply, because the teachings are the foundation of any religion. The founders or initiators of any religion wanted to teach something or guide the masses. Their teachings obviously had a base. That is the teachings were in tune with certain beliefs and they didn’t just come out of no where.

Given below are the teachings of someone I am in tune with.

1) Jesus loved the poor, He said that the Kingdom of Heaven belonged to them
2) He said that, Happy are the ones who are sad, who mourn and are prosecuted, because God is with them
3) Those who work for Peace, will be called Children of God
4) Hold on to your Purity, build a good character, as said today, if character is lost, everything is lost
5) He emphasized on the Law of Moses, The Ten Commandments
6) He was against Cheating, Murder, and Theft. He was against Anger, today globally it is agreed that Anger is your worst enemy
7) He even taught that it is better to settle disputes at home rather than, in the court, we know today how if cases are taken to court, both parties loose something very personal to them, their values are shattered, your problems are open to the world. This is same for any case, may it be a Murder case, Rape case, Divorce case etc
8) Jesus said never to commit adultery
9) He said that a couple should be faithful, tolerant & forgiving to each other
10) Love your enemies as you love your friends. Loving somebody who loves you is easy, but loving someone who doesn’t like you, requires a Heart of Gold.
11) He preached about charity, fasting & pray. Moreover He said, when doing so, make sure you don’t let the whole world know about it, don’t show off or boast.
12) Jesus didn’t believe in materialistic possessions. He said do good, help, make peace & pray, these are your possessions, that’s what He meant when He said build riches in Heaven
13) Jesus, spoke in parables or short/simple stories, so that the common people could understand. Moreover He showed hope to the common man & did not waste time on the rich people, soldiers or tax collectors.

I’ll stop here, and leave the task to you, to go back and see the rest of the teachings.

The Teachings are important to know, because we all have to understand what exactly Jesus preached, let’s try to find out where He went wrong or what wrong did he do.

Now to the main topic of discussion

Remember how the soldiers & people mocked Jesus when HE was being crucified. People haven’t changed even today.

Now let’s look back and understand, Jesus did something in the early days of His tenure of teaching. He showed the way of repentance to a woman, who was considered a whore by the locals and was stoned by them.
What wrong did He do?
Now in the eyes of God everyone is equal, after all the very same God gave life to that woman who turned to be a whore, so if Jesus forgave her and took her as a part of His disciples or followings, What wrong did he do?

Yes there were people against Him then, anyone of reads the Bible knows that there were many against Him, namely the high priests, officials etc. Weren’t these very same people responsible for His death? Yes, so this shows the amount of hatred they had for Jesus. Now how would these people react when they would see Jesus walking around with His disciples & other people and in the midst a woman who was considered a whore earlier? How would they react? – To get the answer lets put the situation in our current time?
Humans even today can’t accept, if anyone says that “I went to bar and didn’t have a drink” or “I carry a lighter but don’t smoke”. Similarly even today, if a girl & a boy spend time together even as friends, a lot of the world would see them in a negative shade. Let’s not forget the society (over 2000 years back) Jesus was born into. The society was obviously not open minded, it was roman dominated, a very conservative society.
To make things EVEN more clear, Jesus never preached alone or walked alone, He had a following everywhere, He never preached in secret, at least His disciples were with Him at all times. Jesus taught us to forgive the gravest elements of society, may it be Whores, Criminals, Rouges & even Murderers, HE taught us never to forget that all these were after all Human, just like the rest of us. How wrong is that?

It is my advice for everyone to see the documentary by the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL; a thorough in-depth research was done on the book of Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code.
You will clearly see that there is no solid evidence to prove anything. But people still mock Him and mock whom, The One who willingly accepted death so that we all could just repent and be saved.
Jesus who took the pain to teach us even when He knew the Romans and the other officials didn’t approve of Him. What did he expect in return, did He take money, did He take huge mansions or did He take rewards? He didn’t do any of those things, all He ever thought of, was us. Like a true Shepherd He wanted us to be safe.

Now look at this, what is Dan Brown getting by promoting a stupid legend? Increase in the sales of the book or the movie makers would be nominated for the Oscars……All this but at what cost? Who is loosing?

People listen to your hearts because when you pray to Him, He listens to you with all His Heart.

Jesus is being tried in our court with false allegations, be His advocate…simply because when we stand in the final court, He will be our advocate.

Now for those of you who cant get hands on the Documentary on National Geographic. Here is the story. “According to a legend/a tale, Mary Magdalene reached the tip of southern France with a child, this child was believed to be Jesus’ kid, the kid intermarried with French Kings, the Merovingian Kings and from them there was the bloodline of Jesus or His descendants. These Kings formed a group known as the “Priory of Sion” to protect the bloodline. Leonardo Da Vinci was a part of this very same group. He was always known for his pranks and a prank he played when painting the Last Supper.
Now the kid that walked with Mary Magdalene was a dark girl named Sara, who the gypsies in southern France honour as Saint Sara. When National Geographic made a complete investigation with the gypsies, they found that the gypsies do not believe in any of this nonsense.

Before Dan Brown there were earlier writers on the similar topics, especially the first of them to write on this, when he was interviewed by National Geographic, He too said he didn’t believe in any of this, and that he was just investigating a tale that fascinated him. After this writer there were three women who wrote on similar topics, they argued that the early church did not give rights to women and since Mary Magdalene was a woman, she lost authority in the church. Now this is funny because I know many women and really many women who are honoured by the Church. Let’s put this as questions? Aren’t most of the missionaries around the place Women? When I open my calendar and look at the names of Saints, I find a lot of women. Wasn’t Mother Theresa a Woman? So all of us should know that there were many women honoured by the church and the church continues the same even today. There is one name that I missed, Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, isn’t She revered by millions of people and by various sects of the Church? Wasn’t she a Woman?
Mother Mary is revered as our most powerful intercessor, we believe that Jesus can’t say no to Mother Mary and that is why we pray to her so that She can pray for us.

Another point to be mentioned is that some ancient texts were discovered in Egypt, which stated in a line, that Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene. Again put this question to it? At that time as mentioned earlier, there were so many who were against Jesus and His teachings, couldn’t one of them write such filth about Jesus, isn’t it possible? Moreover the very same texts reveal some other weird things, like tales about Jesus as a brat, it says that when Jesus was small He used to kill his friends or turn them into stones on loosing in games. Funny right? Now put this Question, If these lines are true, How could Jesus get away by doing such things in a Roman occupied land and where Jesus led the simplest of lives with His foster father being just a carpenter.
So you see the very same texts tell all this other nonsense, so how could these texts, be considered as a reference?
For the feminist groups who still feel that women were not given proper rights by the church, let’s not forget, in the following of Jesus, there were many women. A similar place was occupied by Mary Magdalene also. So many women and Mary Magdalene witnessed the death and the Resurrection of our Lord, The most important events in history. Jesus as a leader was un-biased but fair and just.

Moreover if anything was going on between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, wouldn’t the disciples report this in their Gospels?

Even Judas Iscariot in his account did not mention this filth, even though he went ahead accusing Jesus that he was told by Jesus to betray Him. Let’s put this scenario in present time, if someone is called a Liar, a Betrayer, wouldn’t he/she take measures to remove such accusations on him/her? Think such things would have happened between our friends, family etc. It is Human nature to tell lies and try and shift the blame on others. All of us have experienced this; many of us would have done the same thing. Again a documentary on The Gospel of Judas is flashed on National Geographic. In the documentary it is said that Judas gives a few variations in the description of the Last Supper. Put this question, why weren’t these variations reported by the other disciples present at the Last Supper? And why, did Judas commit suicide when he realized his guilt, wasn’t he man enough to speak the truth, if that was the truth. Who would seize him, he had supported the Jews and Romans, and the Disciples of Jesus were powerless and helpless.

The texts that were discovered could very well be an attempt by someone then, to degrade Jesus and His teachings. (Simply because many of the Jews did not approve Jesus’ non-violent teachings, for them a Messiah was someone who was not as Divine, but someone who would be a military strategist & take over the Romans, and there were few candidates who fought the Romans in small groups, they used the guerilla warfare techniques)

I have seen the documentary named “Secret Bible Week” which is again flashed on National Geographic. It is clearly understood that many Jews had their own Messiahs and that they were not ready to accept the Peaceful & Passive teachings of Jesus.

Most of us, know who John the Baptist was, we know how Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan by him and how John himself acclaimed Jesus as the awaited Messiah. But many of the followers of John the Baptist didn’t approve of this, so here there was another set of people who were against Jesus.
Moreover the Roman empire at that time had their own beliefs, most of would know the Roman Mythology and the various gods they worshipped, so here were the Romans who totally considered Jesus’ teachings as crap. So we understand the large number of people who were against Jesus.

I state again, isn’t it possible that some of these people could have written the texts that contained such filth about Jesus, isn’t it possible?

So How do we know that Jesus was the awaited Messiah?
We know because, Jesus was the awaited Messiah, the answer is simple, the prophecies of the early prophets & the early scriptures. Proclamation of The Father himself, that Jesus was His Son. Moreover, Jesus did not preach about the Roman or Greek Olympic Gods or Planetary Gods, nor did He teach about the Early Egyptian Gods. His teachings were very human, in tune with the One Living God. The God who created the Heaven & the Earth; the God of Abraham & Moses. The same God who made Adam & Eve. The Death & Resurrection of Jesus are crucial events, again which were described in the early scriptures.

Now a thought might come to the mind, when the followers of Jesus had so many rivals and so much opposition, how did Christianity rise up?

It was because of the Roman Emperor Constantine, when he was about to conquer the Jewish Lands and other places, he heard a voice in his dream that told him to “conquer in the symbol of the cross”, This is available in the journals or records of Constantine, that a divine voice showed him the way. That is when he accepted the Teachings of Jesus and Christianity became the religion of the State. Constantine and his successors banished and destroyed all such texts that contained filth about Jesus, but some remained to be discovered.

NOW a very important thought, we all know, by proof and records, that only after the death of Jesus and before the Emperor accepted Christianity, The apostles of Jesus, went into different lands preaching the good news, now the thought is that, they had all the liberty to preach whatever they wanted, who would stop them, they could even reveal hidden truths, if there were any. But they preached what they were supposed to preach & through them we know.

So that was about the entire legend and everything else.

Dan Brown stated a line that is wholly true, that all the bits and pieces form part of a big picture, he said this in his interview with National Geographic.

All the bits & pieces do make a big picture, but a coin has two sides, so two sides of a story have to be taken into consideration. Dan Brown gave one of those sides, I am giving you the other. I have raised some questions, some possibilities, some things that humans are capable of. It’s only rational that such questions and possibilities have to be raised.

Trust me, if this entire case is put forward in a court of today, Jesus would have walked home as a free man, because there is no solid proof to prove the allegations and none of his teachings violate humanity.

After reading the above, I know there will be at least one who will understand and realize the truth. But still one question still remains in my mind? When Jesus taught such beautiful things and such sweet things, does He deserve all these allegations?

Again lets re-phrase the question, Did Jesus, accuse any government, or any sect of people, did He cause Communal riots or did He build up arms & ammunition or Did He make nuclear weapons. Is He responsible for the 9/11 attack or the wars in Afghan and Iraq. Did He do all these things that such allegations have to be put against Him?

I tell you again. Jesus is being tried in our court with false allegations, be His advocate…simply because when we stand in the final court, He will be our advocate, and this fact will be clearly understood by the believers, especially the ones who know him by Heart…

There is no need to ponder on who wrote this letter, the message is important.

And for that person who gets the message can also say the following, A poem written by me, even though I can’t thank Him enough, with so few words.

I Love You Jesus …

In my Darkest Hour, You comforted me,
In moments of despair You watched over me,
With You in my Life, I no longer feel alone,
Thank You Lord for all the Love You’ve ever shown.
Your Love knows no boundaries, Its Timeless, Unique in Itself.
I just had to pray & You would give up Yourself.
Whenever I needed You, You were always there,
Ready to forgive & answer my prayer.
Though I was stubborn & went astray,
You would come down & pull me back on my way.
All those tests, You helped me through,
Forgive me, O Lord for the times I have failed You.
Your Wisdom, Lord in me, though a speck,
Has prevented my Life from being a wreck.
From the start till now, You were my guiding Light,
Took care of me, in my troubles & plight.
Watch over me O Lord,
Forever & ever now,
Listen to my Heart each time I bow.
Take care of me, I need you so,
Hold my hand, no matter where I go.
I Love You Jesus, forever till eternity,
Will always worship You & The Holy Trinity.

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