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Does Anybody Actually Believe Da Vinci Code "Facts"?

One comment often made about tDC goes along lines similar to this: "...this is just fiction / entertainment / blah blah, it doesn't effect my faith, nobody will believe this stuff, just calm down / why bother / who cares ...?"

In fact, just this weekend I overheard a very serious Christian make just such a comment. Slightly paraphrasing (not intentionally, simply due to my aging memory!), she said something like "Yes, I did read this book and I don't understand why anyone bothers ... it's just fiction".

Well, here's why we should care!

From this very interesting informal survey by Paul Bentley in the London Telegraph

Finally I asked my 100 if they believed that the Roman Catholic organisation Opus Dei had on occasion ordered its members to murder. A staggering 49, some highly intelligent, said, "Yes". On the basis of no evidence ... The Da Vinci Code is the only source for this appalling slander.

So I had proof positive - faction can affect popular beliefs and propagate damaging falsehoods.

Thanks to Amy Wellborn for finding this nice write-up..


Hey, I'll add your site to this list shortly:
The Da Vinci Code (DVC) - Catholic Resources

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