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Should I See the DVC Movie?

Now that the movie is widely available the inexorable question arises, should I see this movie?

Let me offer a few reasons why you should see this movie ...

  1. You like bad movies. DVC has achieved one of the lowest "tomato-meter" scores ever over at rottentomatoes.com, currently hovering at about 18%. Even at www.metacritic.com it's currently in the low 50s (out of 100), with a user composite of 5.5 / 10.
  2. You have to for professional reasons. Film critics, DVC debunkers, and a handful of others do need to see the movie to be able to speak from deeply personal experience when doing their jobs. Pray for them!
  3. You like to see Christians in general, and / or the Catholic Church in particular squirm. Sorry to dissapoint you but most church people that I know or hear from are not squirming over this ... they are definitely saddenned, not only for the attacks on Jesus and his church but for the damage it will do to the faiths of many. Saddenned, thoughtful, perhaps occasionally straying into disgust, but definitely not squirming. Perhaps the biggest dissapoint if you're in this crowd is that we have it on very good authority that the church itself will be fine (that's a promise from none other than the very divine Jesus Christ himself!!). And that is why most of the "church folks" that I know of are deeply hopeful!

Anyhow, if you don't fit one of first two categories (and if you're in the third one this just won't sastisfy!), then probably best to find something better for your time and money.

Well for a little more in-depth look at the cost and consequences of supporting the dubious enterprise of the DVC, check out this thoughtful article by Marc Baleistieri.

Saddenned but hopeful, that's pretty much my current POV .... May God bless your weekend!


I'm having problems reading the text. The blogroll is overlapping with the posts. However, when I'm in the comment box, the text reads fine. I'm usuing Mozilla 1,7,12


Anyone with a brain please: The Bible was written by Divine Inspiration. The "Duh" Vinci Code was written by ...

The remainder of this obnoxious post has been deleted! Do not display your ignorance and lack of charity on this blog. And if you are Christian, please ask for forgiveness, and the grace to love all of those that God has created

- Bob

xavier, please look at this list to see if all looks fine for you. Do you have javascript enabled?

If that's all in order, try again if you don't mind - occasionally I've seen the typepad folks have rolling hiccups which manifest as you describe (on a variety of browsers), then mysteriously clear up.

Anyhow, thx for your patience & please let me know if this clears up or not.

Thx & God bless.

I have javascript enabled. However, I still have the same problem. No worries, I'll simply click on the comment link and read it that way. No biggie ;)

You forgot another factor:
You've decided to do penance during the Lenten season
The secular press has also panned the movie. I suspect that in a few years it'll be the Plan 9 of the 21st century

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