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The DVC Movie - "A Stodgy, Grim Thing"

The reviews are starting to trickle in from the critics preview at Cannes, and it's not looking too good for Messrs. Howard, Hanks, and the ol' Sony shareholders. Some highlights:

..."Tom Hanks was a zombie," Peter Brunette, The Boston Globe

"At the high point, there was laughter among the journalists. Not loud laughs, but a snicker and I think that says it all," Gerson Da Cunha, The Times of India

"It was really disappointing. The dialogue was cheesy ... the film is not as good as the book", Lina Hamchaoui, British radio IRN

"A stodgy, grim thing"--Variety

"The final dramatic revelations . . . come off as particularly flat"--Variety

"It is impossible to believe that, had the novel never existed, such a script would ever have been considered by a Hollywood studio"--Variety

To that last point, there are reports that "when Hanks reveals who is supposedly the last surviving descendant of Jesus, the Cannes audience couldn't hold back their laughter".

Furthermore, "Several whistles instead of applause were all that greeted the end of Ron Howard's 125-million-dollar film, and worse than that, the 2,000-strong audience even burst out laughing at the movie's key moment."

See this story for more details from the Cannes critics preview.

Jimmy Akin also has a good post on initial reaction to the movie.


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